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Australia's first 100% electric small SUV.

The Kona Electric is electric in every sense. A zero emissions SUV that delivers instant acceleration, over a staggering 400Km[R1] range on a single charge and is packed with smart safety features. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the new Kona Electric.


Charging made easy.

Enjoy the flexibility of charging at home or on the go. Schedule to charge at night during off-peak times through the multimedia screen or visit one of the expanding DC fast charging stations around Australia to reach 80% charge within 54 minutes[C1].


Go the distance.

Drive your normal daily commute or have an adventure on the weekend knowing that with over 400km[R1] of range on a single charge, your Kona Electric can get you anywhere you want to go.


Safety first.

We consider safety to be a standard and have fitted the Kona Electric with driver assist technologies that will help keep you safe. Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Collision Warning and Driver Attention Warning are just some of the systems in place to give you peace of mind so you can enjoy the journey.

Features 2

An exterior to turn heads.

The front radiator grille sets the tone with its intaglio pattern, setting it apart from your conventional vehicles while the exterior vibrant colours and two-tone roof options are designed to turn heads and hearts alike.

Features 2

As smart as it looks.

More than your average electric vehicle, the Kona Electric is packed with smart inclusions to maximise efficiency. Switch to ECO+ drive mode to conserve power or use the paddle shifters to set smart regenerative braking. It recharges the battery whenever the car is coasting or when the brakes are applied to help extend your driving range.

Features 2

Sleek silhouette.

Powerful, cutting edge and aerodynamic. The closed radiator grille, streamlined roofline silhouette and aero-wheel design are optimised to minimise air resistance while driving.

Go further, for less.

With up to a staggering 449km[R1] of pure electric driving range, the Kona Electric has set the standard for electric vehicles in Australia without compromising on performance. Perfect for daily commutes or adventures, enjoy the savings that come with a petrol-free drive and the flexibility of electric chargingric.

The electric advantage.

As Australia’s charging infrastructure grows, Hyundai is there to support your drive and reduce your running costs when it matters most.

Electric Advantage

Scheduled charging.

Take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity rates by simply plugging in and scheduling your preferred charging times through the multimedia touchscreen to manage your charge times and budget.

Electric Advantage

Lower servicing costs.

The Kona Electric does not have a petrol motor, meaning fewer moving parts for servicing - saving you money at the mechanic and more time on the road.

Electric Advantage

Regenerative braking.

Take control of the level of regenerative braking with the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. It allows you to recharge the battery using kinetic energy captured when the car is coasting or brakes are applied, increasing energy efficiency to help extend your driving range.

Exterior Design Features.

The Kona Electric’s distinctive design is brought to life with clever integrated features that make it both functional and unique. From the seamless charging port to the drag coefficient body, much of its beauty has something special to offer that makes it more than your average eco-friendly vehicle.

Exterior Design

Interior luxury.

Slide into an interior filled with a clever design and smart technology. The center console sets the tone with its bridge-shape and is complemented by luxurious appointed leather and seamless technology at your fingertips.

Interior luxury hero

Technology of the future, today.

Technology is built into every aspect of the Kona Electric to enhance your journey. Whether it’s the seamless phone connectivity or the driving stats on the driver’s dashboard, you’ll enjoy a drive that is enjoyable as it is convenient.

Technology Columns

Shift By Wire (SBW).

The seamless interior is completed with a gear stick and electronic parking brake that are controlled at the touch of a button. Nothing could be easier or more impressive.

Technology Columns

Supervision cluster.

Driving stats are displayed in the impressive 7” digital supervision cluster, ensuring that your speed, safety alerts, range and charge remaining are readily visible.

Technology Columns

A large seamless touchscreen controls your navigation[N1], connectivity and media with the added convenience of Apple CarPlay™[P2], and Android™[P3]compatibility.

Highlander variant shown.
Technology Columns 2

Wireless charging.[P1]

Wirelessly charge your smartphone on the charging pad, making charging your phone a worry of the past while you're out and about.

Technology Columns 2

Electronic Parking Brake.

Say goodbye to clunky handbrakes, enjoy a seamless interior where you can apply the handbrake at the touch of a button.

A second set of eyes, with Hyundai SmartSense™.[H2]

Drive with confidence knowing that you're surrounded with advanced safety technology. Hyundai SmartSense™[H2] uses a combination of sensors and radars, acting like a second pair of eyes on the road, keeping you and your passengers safe.

SmartSense Columns

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) with Stop & Go.

Pre-set your speed and let the Kona Electric do the rest. Smart Cruise Control (SCC) maintains the speed of your vehicle while also detecting vehicles ahead, maintaining a safe distance by braking and accelerating to your selected speed – it also works in stop-start traffic.

SmartSense Columns

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA).

Uses radar and camera data to automatically activate the brakes when it detects dangerous and sudden braking by the car ahead or movement of pedestrians on the road.

SmartSense Columns

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA).

A steering assist function that utilises the front mounted camera to detect lane markings and monitor the vehicle’s position in the lane. Should the vehicle move out of the lane without indicating, an audible and visual warning will sound along with steering intervention to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane.

SmartSense Columns

Driver Attention Warning (DAW).

Designed with the driver’s safety in mind, the Kona Electric monitors lane positioning while also analysing steering corrections and patterns to detect signs of fatigue. A visual alert will display in the virtual cluster to advise the driver to take a break.

SmartSense Columns 2

Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW).

When driving at a speed of above 30km/h the BCW function will alert the driver to vehicles that enter the blind spot, including lane changes. If the driver proceeds to activate the corresponding indicator lights, a flashing visual warning is provided and an audible alert will sound.

SmartSense Columns 2

High Beam Assist (HBA).

Exclusive to the Highlander variant, High Beam Assist recognises oncoming cars at night and will automatically dim your lights to keep both cars safe.

SmartSense Columns 2

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW).

Reversing out of carparks just became easier. When in reverse, rear sensors are activated to monitor approaching traffic existing parking spots. When a vehicle approaches a blind-spot, an audible warning will sound along with a visual in the dash cluster.

Charging to fit your lifestyle.

Experience the flexibility that comes with an electric vehicle and recharge at home, at work or at one of the expanding charging stations while on the go. Take advantage of off-peak charging times to increase savings and ensure that your Kona Electric is ready to go when you are.

Charging Columns

Home charging station.[C3]

The Delta In-Home charger is an optional accessory wall unit sold separately and is available to purchase from any Hyundai Blue-Drive dealership. This home charger improves charge times by utilising a high amperage power supply. It takes approximately 9 hours 35 minutes for a full charge[C2].

*Charging unit sold separately.

Charging Columns

DC fast charging station (DC).

The Kona Electric is capable of utilising a commercial DC fast charging station with a maximum charging capacity of 100kW. It can recharge to 80% in 54 minutes[C1] when connected to a 100kW DC station or in 75 minutes[C1]when connected to a 50kW station. You can use your multimedia touchscreen to find the nearest DC fast charging station.[C1]

Charging Columns

Emergency charging cable.[C3]

Every Kona Electric comes with an In-Cable Control Box (ICCB). This emergency cable can be used to charge the car from a regular household 240V AC 3-prong power outlet, and takes approximately 28 hours for a full charge[C3]

Charging Columns 2

Off-peak charging.

Easily schedule your Kona Electric to charge at off-peak times through the multimedia touchscreen settings. Simply set the start and finish time so your car is ready when you need it.

Charging Columns 2

Charging status.

For convenience, LEDs beside the charge port show the battery status. The light surrounding the port turns green when it’s charging and white once fully charged.

Enjoy the benefits that only come with Hyundai.

Hyundai benefits help you get on the road, and keep you on the road.

Benefits 1

8 year unlimited Km warranty.[H1]

So go ahead and drive without having to keep an eye on the odometer.

Benefits 1

Roadside support plan.[H4]

Your new Hyundai comes with 12 months Hyundai Roadside Support Plan[H4] to help get you up and running, free of charge.

Benefits 2

1st service free.

To help get you started, your first service at 1,500km or one month (whichever comes first) is on us.

Benefits 2

Lifetime service plan.

Drive away in your brand new Kona Electric knowing that you're instantly eligible for Australia's most comprehensive, fully transferable Lifetime Service Plan.

Benefits 2

Sat Nav update plan.

Keeping your software up to date is all part of the package. Simply schedule your service at a participating authorised Hyundai Service Centre.

Autolink Premium

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